The 3D Automated Breast Volume Scanner (ABVS) service.

We were one of the first practices in Africa to offer this service, which is specifically useful for the detection of small cancers in dense breasts.

While mammographic screening remains the ‘gold standard’ for early detection of breast cancer, ultrasound is conducted as a double check and is especially important with patients with dense breasts. Just as X-ray mammography was improved upon with digital, 3D and AI supported detection techniques  in recent years, 3D Automated Breast Volume Scanning represents a quantum leap in ultrasound technology.

These features greatly enhance the detection of small lesions especially in dense breasts.

A probe is moved automatically at a constant speed over the breast while images are constantly recorded. Post-acquisition image manipulation is possible with ABVS – such as three-dimensional reconstructions and rotations. Checking of images of the entire breast can also be performed at a later stage as image acquisition and interpretations are separated, enabling a review of images by several readers.


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