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What you need to know about 2 of the rarest breast cancers


Early detection and treatment of breast cancer is crucial with all forms of breast cancers. It is even more important with rare forms of breast cancers that require a certain level of expertise to be detected. For example, Inflammatory Breast Cancer and Paget’s disease of the nipple often escape mammographic and ultrasound detection but are obvious to the skilled and experienced examiner.

Cervical cancer screening should be an ongoing conversation


Dr Fatima Hoosain chatted to Radio 786 about cervical cancer. This is a really important topic as we don't normally hear much about cervical cancer. And many women after menopause think it's not an issue. But these are misconceptions as it is one of those diseases where risk increases with age and therefore screening is recommended until 65 or 70.




The Cancer Lifestyle event aims to bring awareness for breast, ovarian, colon and prostate cancer. The organisers went through a cancer journey with their mother and discovered that they are cancer gene carriers. For more detail and to register, visit the page.

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