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Breast Cancer, fertility, and pregnancy

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More women are postponing childbearing until they have finished tertiary education, are established in their careers, and have formed stable relationships. For women who have not yet finished family planning, a breast cancer diagnosis has profound implications on their ability to have a child. While breast cancer itself does not have any known effect on fertility, the treatment of it does. Some of the implications and important factors that women should be aware of when undergoing treatment and wanting to fall pregnant are outlined in this article.

Thyroid cancer: knowing the facts – Bona


Many South Africans are still unaware of what the thyroid is and what to look out for when it comes to thyroid health. Being armed with the facts greatly increases the opportunity for early detection and diagnosis, which are a patient’s best chance for recovery. This article provides those facts.

The impact of breast cancer treatments on bone health – Longevity Live


For women undergoing breast cancer treatment, it is a fact that some of their treatments will result in treatment-induced bone loss. For those who are already at risk of bone density loss, this can result in fragility fractures if not managed from the start of treatments. Fragility fractures decrease the quality of life and, if a weight-bearing bone such as the femur is involved, can lead to loss of mobility and through complications, even premature death. This is an important consideration for your medical team to discuss with you.

Cervical cancer screening should be an ongoing conversation


Dr Fatima Hoosain chatted to Radio 786 about cervical cancer. This is a really important topic as we don't normally hear much about cervical cancer. And many women after menopause think it's not an issue. But these are misconceptions as it is one of those diseases where risk increases with age and therefore screening is recommended until 65 or 70.

Bush Radio and Dr Fatima Hoosain


Prior to World Cancer Day on the 4th February, Bush Radio chatted to Dr Fatima Hoosain about breast cancer. It's a really insightful interview and with kind permission from Bush Radio, the full interview can be listened to here. [...]

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