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Our doctors Justus Apffelstaedt and Fatima Hoosain (specialist surgeons with an interest in breast, thyroid, and parathyroid health as well as soft tissue surgical oncology) stress the importance of being prepared for treatment post a breast cancer diagnosis. Whilst the physical side effects of treatment are generally fully discussed, it’s as important for all cancer patients to prepare for the psychological impact of their treatment and the long-term physical realities.

Post-partum thyroiditis: knowing the facts


It is not until the second phase of post-partum thyroiditis that most women will notice symptoms. This typically occurs four to eight months after delivery and could last for up to nine months to a year. Women should be encouraged to use this broad timeline as a framework to check in with their bodies as time progresses following giving birth and be on the lookout for common symptoms.

The impact of breast cancer treatments on bone health – Longevity Live


For women undergoing breast cancer treatment, it is a fact that some of their treatments will result in treatment-induced bone loss. For those who are already at risk of bone density loss, this can result in fragility fractures if not managed from the start of treatments. Fragility fractures decrease the quality of life and, if a weight-bearing bone such as the femur is involved, can lead to loss of mobility and through complications, even premature death. This is an important consideration for your medical team to discuss with you.

What you need to know about 2 of the rarest breast cancers


Early detection and treatment of breast cancer is crucial with all forms of breast cancers. It is even more important with rare forms of breast cancers that require a certain level of expertise to be detected. For example, Inflammatory Breast Cancer and Paget’s disease of the nipple often escape mammographic and ultrasound detection but are obvious to the skilled and experienced examiner.

IOL – World Thyroid Day


Many South Africans are still unaware of what the thyroid is, let alone the impact of thyroid cancer. This lack of awareness makes it challenging for individuals to detect and diagnose thyroid diseases early, which can significantly affect their chances of recovery. The importance of early detection and diagnosis cannot be overstated. Thyroid cancer is one of the fastest-growing cancers globally, and it affects people of all ages and genders. Early detection and diagnosis can increase the chances of successful treatment and recovery. The full article is available here.

Your life expectancy at each stage of breast cancer

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Staging breast cancer is an integral part of the patient's journey in understanding their disease. It allows the patient and their medical team to have a better look at the progression of the disease: how large the tumour is, and whether the cancer has spread locally in the breast or in other organs or tissues in the patient's body, as well as helping the patient understand their survival chances.

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