Breast Cancer

Anne and Diane

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Anne is currently 71 years old and was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2014. Dr Apffelstaedt diagnosed her, and Anne had Stage 2 cancer at the time. Anne’s daughter Diane, who is 36 years old found that she too, had breast cancer, in 2022. Diagnosed by Dr Fortuin, her cancer was found at Stage 2. Grade 3.

Understanding breast cancer and men

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When Graeme Comrie received his breast cancer diagnosis in 2009, it came as a shock for several reasons. At the age of 64, he had been leading a healthy lifestyle, he did his medical check-ups regularly, and lastly, he never thought that – as a male – he could be diagnosed with breast cancer.

Your life expectancy at each stage of breast cancer

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Staging breast cancer is an integral part of the patient's journey in understanding their disease. It allows the patient and their medical team to have a better look at the progression of the disease: how large the tumour is, and whether the cancer has spread locally in the breast or in other organs or tissues in the patient's body, as well as helping the patient understand their survival chances.

Bush Radio and Dr Fatima Hoosain


Prior to World Cancer Day on the 4th February, Bush Radio chatted to Dr Fatima Hoosain about breast cancer. It's a really insightful interview and with kind permission from Bush Radio, the full interview can be listened to here. [...]

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