Pink Lady® apples together with Tru-Cape Fruit Marketing, the largest exporter of  South African apples and pears into more than 104 countries, hosted their eighth annual Crafts for Cancer workshop on Saturday, 14 October 2017 at Vrede en Lust Wine Estate.  Every year this event is held to raise funds for the Tygerberg Hospital’s Breast Clinic Transport Fund, which has now been expanded to include nutritional support for the disadvantaged patients at Tygerberg Hospital’s Breast Clinic.

At the biggest ever Crafts for Cancer event, 120 ladies participated this year resulting in R41 0000 being raised for The Fund, on Sunday there was also a trail run at Vrede en Lust, resulting in an additional R30 000 raised. This means that over 400 additional ladies will benefit from The Fund.  The Transport Fund was started for the Breast Clinic at Tygerberg Hospital in 2010.

The need for this fund was identified and initiated by a dedicated social worker at the Breast Clinic. The Transport Fund Initiative kicked off with a donation of R25,000 from the Head of the Breast Clinic, Professor Apffelstaedt and what started as a small-scale initiative to assist one patient in need, has since grown to a fully-fledged fund that has helped countless women and continues to grow.  Professor Apffelstaedt noted that there are approximately 550 new breast cancer patients at Tygerberg Hospital every year, and because of the money raised for The Fund, not one of them misses their treatment due to not being able to afford to travel to the hospital.

70% of women diagnosed with Breast Cancer at the Breast Clinic of Tygerberg Hospital are in the low-income bracket, and whilst the government covers the treatment costs, their transport costs to and from the hospital for regular radiotherapy sessions often become a barrier to entry. Radiotherapy sessions last for either 16 or 25 days and the transport costs for these patients are often too high.

“I am so proud of every woman that attended our event. Together we are helping every disadvantaged woman at the Breast Clinic. Not one woman could not attend their sessions because they could not afford the transport money! Thank you also to all our wonderful sponsors, we could not do this without you. South Africans are truly amazing, caring people!” Said Liza Matthews, Marketing Manager, Pink Lady®.

This year the ladies in attendance enjoyed a morning learning how to master string art, led by Pink Lady® Apples’ very own Theresa Richards. After the crafts, lunch was served and Professor Apffelstaedt gave a speech thanking all the ladies that have a donated to the fund, making a tangible difference to the lives of those less fortunate.

“I can’t thank Tru-Cape Fruit Marketing and Pink Lady Apples enough, every year you beat your previous record and I witness first-hand the difference this Fund makes.” Concluded Professor Apffelstaedt.

Roelf Pienaar, Tru-Cape’s managing director, says that Inge Venter represented the sponsor at the event and was pleased by the contribution the company had made to improving the lives of women while Venter described the event as time “with beautiful ladies learning a new craft, listening to inspirational people at a gorgeous venue for a very important cause – a day well spent!”

Vrede en Lust waived the venue hire and also sponsored the wine for the day. Former Miss South Africa, Amy Kleinhans gave a moving and inspired speech to the ladies during the crafting session and event regulars are already waiting for next year!

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