Breast Cancer, fertility, and pregnancy

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More women are postponing childbearing until they have finished tertiary education, are established in their careers, and have formed stable relationships. For women who have not yet finished family planning, a breast cancer diagnosis has profound implications on their ability to have a child. While breast cancer itself does not have any known effect on fertility, the treatment of it does. Some of the implications and important factors that women should be aware of when undergoing treatment and wanting to fall pregnant are outlined in this article.


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Our doctors Justus Apffelstaedt and Fatima Hoosain (specialist surgeons with an interest in breast, thyroid, and parathyroid health as well as soft tissue surgical oncology) stress the importance of being prepared for treatment post a breast cancer diagnosis. Whilst the physical side effects of treatment are generally fully discussed, it’s as important for all cancer patients to prepare for the psychological impact of their treatment and the long-term physical realities.

Your life expectancy at each stage of breast cancer

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Staging breast cancer is an integral part of the patient's journey in understanding their disease. It allows the patient and their medical team to have a better look at the progression of the disease: how large the tumour is, and whether the cancer has spread locally in the breast or in other organs or tissues in the patient's body, as well as helping the patient understand their survival chances.

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